Wednesday, May 31, 2006

America's Next Top Model (Cycle 6) - Danielle Teleconference

Remember when I said how cool Danielle was? (Play like you do remember.) Well, after listening to her teleconference, one thing is clear: she's definitely chill, but she's also naturally quiet and reserved. So that those charming, off-the-cuff moments where she freestyled with Joanie (which, apparently, was a common occurrence on the show!) were probably not going to transfer over to something like a teleconference.

Still, a few interetsing tidbits:
  • In the 6 months between her winning the competition and the finale being aired, Danielle had been sleeping a lot because she knew she was going to be busy.
  • Her, Mollie Sue and Joanie goofed off a lot.

    Indie rating: Solex - "5 Superstar"
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    Barry said...

    Canada's Next Top Model began this week. I haven't watched my tape yet ...