Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hey folx, just wanted to say that I'm back and thanks again to Matt for filling in. Even in the delirium of the wee hours, he brought more coherent and argumentative opinion than I ever did. (One point I'll agree with him on: it's true that I wouldn't have mentioned the IV REAL saturation, but that's only because I'm totally chicken about 1. changing my mind and 2. changing my mind about persons I've expressed fondness for. In short: enough with the IV REAL, guys! II REAL is ok for now, though.)

Two more SYTYCD observations, now that I've finally watched the top 8. First, Brian Setzer has got to be loving this show. Second, Will's solo made me a little bit insane. That must've been what it was like to see the real James Brown doing his thing in his prime.

Comic Con recap before the end of the week (hopefully).

Indie rating: James Brown - "Sex Machine"

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demondoll said...

Matt was great :-)

Glad to have you back.