Tuesday, March 03, 2009

America's Best Dance Crew - 3x07 "Hip Hop Decathlon and Last Chance Challenge"

Well, speaking as a Beat Freaks freak, that was kind of a letdown, wasn't it? This is the first chance I've had to vote for them, but I have a hard time hance half of their "decathlon" was uninspired and messy, and was overall a rare example of their their swagger exceeding their performance.


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A pimp way to put your stamp on the season, even if it punctuated a listless, lackluster performance the high point of which was over almost before it started (Shorty bringing the buckness during the krumping). (Speaking of Shorty, she's proven herself to be the group's all-star -- the krumping, the head spin, etc. -- no easy feat since the Freaks like to showcase different dancers with each performance.)

Beat Freaks - Hip-Hop Decathlon (61 MB)

I don't know if you noticed, but I certainly did: What was up with Rino's sexy dip at the end of their decathlon?


I change my mind; this was the best part of their decathlon.

Not that they were that much better in their second dance, but for the sake of just for trainspotting completeness: Beat Freaks - Last Chance (27 MB)

On the subject of the Last Chance dance, though -- its timing seems odd to me. Because the participating crews had to lay down some tracks, and even accounting for minimal involvement from the crews, you'd still have to set aside some lead time to finish the music and arrange for the big and/or custom props, which makes me wonder how the Fly Khicks fit into the Last Chance. Did everyone know they were the odd team out before it was announced on the show? Or did they go through with recording a track and performing a routine that ultimately wasn't televised? Or were they just kept in the dark while Beat Freaks and Quest scurried behind their backs?

Quest - Hip-Hop Decathlon (57 MB)
Quest - Last Chance (21 MB)

Indie rating: Stereolab - "Fruition"

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