Sunday, September 27, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 6x03 "Boston Auditions"

As I was trying to say in my "Phoenix Auditions" post before I was rudely interrupted by publishing without re-reading, the auditions this season seem to lack concentrated dance, and instead give us oodles of talk: judges' critiques, biographical details of the dancers, and so on. Unfortunately, all this focus on fleshing out the dancers ends up diluting the dance itself, and so the auditions for VI Real have been overshadowed by Cat trying to talk like a Red Sox fan.

Kind of unbeatable by any measure, right (update: forgot to point out how utterly dear Cat was with how her British accent poked through when she said "Hahvahd"), but I'd like the dancing to be at least a little competitive.


That's more like it!


Any city whose skyline is made of Legos is all right by me.

Liked Teddy even less this time around, because he seems to think that affectation is the same thing as whimsy. Or maybe it is.



Why I Don't Like Nasty Oreo, by Me.

I understand that he is a superb dancer (though his megalomania kills any desire I have to actually watch him perform), but his judicial comments are so rife with demonstrative self-regard and attention-seeking gestures that he comes off like he imagines himself the Ultimate Arbiter of Taste and Expression (cf. the way he talked over hip hopper Kevin "K-Bez" Hunt was particularly galling (how many times have the judges criticized a dancer for not dancing to their strengths and instead trying a novel style?)). Remember, this is a guy who just last year was still rocking a chinstrap beard, who constantly trots out cheese-encrusted Broadway routines commenting on style and taste, and who makes embarrassingly sleazoid faces like this:


Where is Michael Kors to question this man's taste level?

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shayera said...

You know, I wasn't sure if I was happy to see a Fall season of SYTYCD or not, but anything that gives us more Cat is welcome.
I'm thrilled that you're going to do writeups, no matter how short.

Margot said...

I'm still miffed that Mr Oreo took the Emmy from my Tabitha >:/ only to inflate his ego more. The auditions have been pretty meh, but I did think Boston day 1 had some good stuff. I'm actually glad now that they're dragging the auditions out over 2 months. There's so much TV going on right now, I think the top 20 will come at a good time. Until then we'll just enjoy more Cat!!!