Sunday, May 15, 2005

America's Next Top Model (Cycle 4) - 4x11 "The Girl Who Is Special"

Go Kahlen!
Go Naima!
Go Keenyah?
Having predicted two of the final three accurately isn't bad, I suppose, but it's been patently obvious that Kahlen and Naima have had their spots reserved for them in the top three for a long time now. I have a season recap post in mind, so watch out for that later this week.

This episode read like the obligatory Social Awareness episode -- and part of the motivation for which was to educate the girls themselves. When the fellow was telling them about Mandela and Apartheid in Robben Island Prison, it was clearly all news to them.

She not only stirred the pot, but she pulled Naima into beef that should've stayed exclusively between Brittany and Keenyah. Historically, contestants have always seemed to lose their drive in the second half of the competition, prompting the judges to wonder where their personalities have gone (off the top of my head: Tocarra and Tiffany). But my feeling is that such girls are simply tired and frustrated, that their drive is still there, but with all the nebulous criticism and laissez-faire guidance that they accumulate over the weeks (which they can't apply concretely -- how exactly do you be more fierce?), their confidence surely is undermined. Not that I'm distraught that Brittany and her overrated personality is gone.

1. Kahlen (2) - Aww! All that yelling was making her cry. Bad Brittany and Keenyah! :( (Which makes it sound like her family situation isn't too quiet, either.) Blah blah blah not sexy enough, but was Yoanna so sensual? Of the final three, she might be the most well-spoken, even if she doesn't know Magneto from magenta. But I must admit, though, I'm now predicting Kahlen's ascension based primarily on Naima...
2. Naima (1) - If only because she seems like the favorite now -- watch out for the reversal of fortune, kids! I was hoping she'd get all up on Brittany's grill (I don't mean in a sexy way, though I wouldn't say no to that) for dragging her into the B/K imbroglio. Compared to Kahlen (and even Keenyah), Naima apparently lacks extroversion that the judges eat up with a spoon, though to pick on Yoanna again, she couldn't exactly light up a room like Pres. Bartlett.
3. Keenyah (3) - It seems she's kind of blessed. With her lackluster pictures, plateaued improvement, and weight problems, one would have thought that she'd be gone long before her case of sudden onset black pride.

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Barry said...

what about the finale?

I'll say this -- it was well-edited because I was starting to believe that Kahlen had a chance to win.