Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Project Runway - 4x04 "Trendsetter"

Sorry about missing the previous episode, last week was Hell in a handbasket.

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Anyway, if you came out my SYTYCD tour pics still thinking that I'm "cool," then you should know that the first thing I thought of when I saw Elisa's second-day outfit (below)...

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... was "I've got to Photoshop in a huge gun and a zombie!" You see, once I do, the result...

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... is virtually indistinguishable from this:

I put those together, and even I can't tell them apart anymore.

I was only kind of kidding before when I said Elisa is really a more experienced Milla Jovovich and the fourth season of Runway is her fever dream, but now she's not even trying to hide it. In fact, she's totally breaking the fourth wall, going so far as winking at the camera.

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Re-sealing the fourth wall, the team challenge actually offered something more than one person throwing another under the bus. Two somethings, actually -- one noble, and the other hilarious.

Elisa enhances her Favorite Person Status by volunteering herself for the altar of auflimination as a pure matter of principle. What's more, she said it when she performed the least conspicuously on the challenge. I don't think anyone could win with a neon/cut-out/lingerie-as-outerwear combo (unless they really went in a guns-and-zombies direction), but Elisa's contribution was undisastrous enough to not annoy the judges. Kudos to her, even though she hasn't yet put together anything that has appealed to me.

(Victoria, being a passive aggressive underminer, didn't seem terribly impressed with Elisa's nobility.)

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Then when Heidi's unyielding Teutonic nature forced -- FORCED! -- Sweet P to choose whom she'd eliminate, the biker chick completely freaked out in the most adorable way possible. Seriously, Sweet P's reaction made up for the abysmal pieces from last week's Tiki Barber challenge.

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As for the clothes, this week was the first time the designers came up with appealing pieces, and as much as Christian makes himself an easy target because of his flaming Mangoness (flamangoness?) (courtesy Project Rungay via TV in the Woods) and his arrogance, his team turned out some hotness.

First, Jillian's team's looks:

Then Christian's team's:

So much fetcher! Or to borrow Christian's term, ferosh! Maybe it's because I'm a sucker for pinstripes, or maybe because I'm a sucker for models who are actually attractive, or maybe I just liked how Christian got his S&M on with a (shorty-hair!) model.

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